Welcome to Aurora, one of the largest producers of cherries in southern Ukraine

Aurora LLC was founded in 1997. The main direction of production is growing horticultural products.

The climate of southern Ukraine, fertile black earth soils and the use of modern technologies make it possible to continuously grow the enterprise, increasing the plantation area annually.
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About us

Big grower

90% of products are exported to Europe.

10% absorbs the domestic market.

The area of the gardens is over 200 hectares, of which 70 hectares is cherry.

High quality fruits

More than 10 varieties are cultivated on the farm.

The main industrial varieties are: Large-fruited, Melitopol black, Bigaro burlat and others.

Not only cherry

Also, the company is engaged in the cultivation of plums on the area of 25 hectares of varieties Stanley, President and apples of varieties Gala, Champion, Aidared, Golden and others.

Quality storage

Air-cooled, 2400m3 refrigerated warehouse.

Good storage of cherry fruits for at least 21 days.

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Ukraine, Zaporizhia region, Orikhiv district

Shyroke, Sadova str, 1a

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